Thursday, March 3, 2011

Robot Party-Part One---Decor

It was a double party for Harrison and his cousin Dawson (who was born 4 days after him). We had tons of fun!! I had been thinking about and planning this party for about 1 month with lots of help from my Sister-in-law Jessie and Emily (Dawson's mom) and my mom. (thanks guys:)

First off, you see the "Picture banners" that Jessie and Nikki helped create.

Then those beautiful cupcakes with Cupcake toppers by Yours truly:) (and then Jessie helped finish them up while I put Harrison to bed)

The signs for the food (made once, again by Jessie) read such things as 'Wiring','Computer Chips, 'Nuts & Bolts' 'robot Fuel' other words super cute!!

Next is the picture is that Handsome little Harrison wearing the Robot shirt that Grandma Pammy made for him ( and she made Dawson a matching one as cute)

And we also had a "Robo-tize" yourself set up for see me and Harrison(the cutest little Robot ever!) My dad made this for us, I think I am going to keep it as a permanent fixture at my house, anyone want to make themselves into a robot come on over and take a picture!

I have pictures of the banners and the tables but need to load them on my computer, so you will see those as soon as I do.

This party was so much fun to put together and I had a lot (i mean a LOT) of help, especially considering that both the boys came down with strep one week before the party (which caught up to me, mid-week....luckily Adam was spared, I swear, that man has an immunity system of steel:)

Anyway, I will post more soon, this is just a preview...
I just can't believe my little boy is ONE!!!!??!!
It has been the greatest year of my life!!
He is such a good boy! I consider myself very lucky to have been sent this little boy and get to be his mommy.