Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a DIFFERENCE a year makes

(not the best quality of pictures, but good enough to see what a handsome boy I've got...toot my own horn much?? toot, toot:)
Last night as I was playing with Harrison to help him get the wiggles out before bed, I had an epiphany! Well, not really, but I was thinking of how different our lives were one year ago!

We were awaiting our little boy's arrival...and finally he came...and time started moving in super speed!! Them a certain someone upstairs (:) decided we needed a kick in the pants and a lot of changes started coming our way. We have changed jobs, towns (while still in the same area, it really feels like in another state:) changed wards, schools. Pretty much everything around us changed, but we are all healthy and happy to be here together and know that we have lessons to be learned and opportunities to be open to.

I was going to say so much more, talk about the lessons I have learned about Friendships and making new friends (not as easy as it seems in fact, you actually have to leave the house and put yourself out there:) and then I looked over at Harrison and realized I would much rather play with him, then write at the computer about things that are really not as important :)

Are you jealous that I am hugging and kissing that little bug, even as I type ? You should be, it is the cutest thing to hear his laugh and his "talking".

I'll come back soon (while he is napping) to talk the 1st Birthday party(Robot theme) I am planning for him and more:)