Friday, September 11, 2009

For The Beauty of the Earth

If you haven't been to Wyoming, you're missing out on some beautiful country. Here is a bunch of pics from our visit for my (side) family reunion in July. We all met up in the mountains (about and hour from my hometown) at a lodge and stayed in some cabins for two days. It was so much fun. Chase kept saying how great it would be to live in one of the cabins:)

After a couple days at the cabins, everyone met up to do some White Water Rafting!! I have done this a couple of times before and it is awesome. Sadly this time Adam and I didn't go because I wasn't feeling good:( I told Adam he shouldn't miss out, but you know, solidarity and all:)

These Tee-pees are in front of the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum. When I was little, we lived in a house across the street from here and I can remember playing in these often.

Yes, that is a real live wild rabbit running around and a real live little Ammon running after it.
This is from the shootout that takes place in Cody, in front of the Ina Hotel and Saloon
Chase and cousins Kyle and Ethan with the cast
He got Locked up. Let that be a lesson to you folks!
This is my cousin Tammy, we were putting together the annual float for the Byron Days Parade

Adam and our nephew Cole getting ready to get on the float
Chase and I, we are so excited , the parade is about to start
This is a picture of the most important piece of the float, my Grandma Dorothy(the Beautiful woman in the red chair) and also my mom (the beautiful blond sitting' on the tail gait) and some more 'Cozzens'. The guy flashing me in the background is my bro-in-law, Brian, I don't think he was aware I actually got the shot. Ha Ha, Bri! :)
Here we were celebrating Adam and Summers(my sister) Birthdays. (please excuse me in the picture, I still wasn't feeling well and had just woken up from a nap.......excuses, excuses)
This is Adam lighting off some of his Cache of fireworks (don't tell anyone, but he snuck some home too) I think this was one of his favorite parts of the vacation.
And then here are some pictures of THE best fireworks show that you will ever see. (We had just been to Disneyland before this and both Chase and Adam agreed this show was better than Disneyland' that is saying something) Part of it is because, well, I think they spend the entire towns budget on it (just kidding) and also because it is so close, Literally right above you.

Anyways that was our fun trip to Wyoming, it wasn't that long ago and already I want to go back.....oh and did I mention how gorgeous the weather was? No 120 degree weather, not even 95 was Heavenly:)

I'll try to post again soon, I have some good stuff coming up if I ever get around to know me.....I'll try:)


diana said...

great re-cap, it looks so beautiful there!