Thursday, July 23, 2009

California. Disneyland and the Beach, what more could you ask for?

Did I forget to mention that before our awesome family trip to Wyoming, we spent a weekend in California......well we did. And being so close to Disneyland, how could we not we did. Here are our pics from the trip. (the wyoming trip and pics will come next.) My sister and her family also came to California and it was a fun trip. We spent a day in Disneyland and 1/2 a day at the beach. The hotel we stayed at had a better view of disney's firework show than disneyland that was cool! All in all, the trip was a BLAST!!

(I don't know why....but for some reason I am never able to get my pictures in the right order. Yet again, I meant these pictures to go from bottom to top!! )


diana said...

i love california. and i love disneyland. and it looks like it was nothing but fun! bryce and i need to make plans to get out there soon.

(the word verification is only 1 letter away from spelling wyoming... i think that's a sign.)

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...


looks like fun.