Friday, February 6, 2009

Better Late than Never......Christmas!!.......At Last

Move Update: We are finally moved out of the old house and into our new one (we are still unpacking) but at least that move is OVER!!!!! Thank goodness!!!   My Internet finally got turned on here, so now that a lot of the stress is gone, i figured i would finally post some of our Christmas pictures.  :)

Chase opening a present on Christmas Eve
Chase & Kyler, Christmas morning at the Huish's
This is my little avian tree (birds and owls and tinsel, oh  my)
                   Our Christmas tree
  and gets better, i promise
                    Hopkinson family gift exchange
                             Picture of my peanut gallery
Chase's stocking @ Grandma Huish's
Sadie & Chase, roasting marshmallows
                    Chase and Cole

Grandma and Santa
Adam & Santa...good buddies
Me and Santa  (of course, I have my eyes closed)
Summer, Heather, Grandma, Me and Mom

So there is a taste of our Christmas Holidays. It was wonderful to have Chase here. Also, my Grandma Dorothy came down for a couple of weeks. It was such a treat to have her here with us. She is the best Grandma ever and one of my favorite people. It always makes me happy to have her around. 
Adam, Chase and I had a quite little Christmas Eve (with Steak dinner, thanks to my wonderful husband), we let Chase open up one present (that was pretty much all I had wrapped at that point)then Adam & Chase watched a movie while I wrapped and wrapped to my hearts content. Christmas morning came and Chase was so excited to see that Santa had brought exactly what he wanted: a Pokemon Nintendo DS  (that was quite a find, Santa was calling all around town just to find one,  and found the last one in town), after Chase had a chance to look at his loot, we headed over to the Huish's for breakfast & more presents. After that we came home and rested for a while and headed down to Tucson where we spent the next few days celebrating more Christmas with my family. We had our gift exchange, our traditional Korean dinner and yet another gift exchange (white elephant......the kids love it, and we could not do away with it)
  It was so great to be around our family. We had so much fun! I could not have asked for anything more. 

Next Post: Pictures of the Moving MESS and some of the new house in progress.  At least that's the plan  :)