Monday, January 12, 2009

Wyoming Girl

Billings, Montana

The next 4 pics are Sadie and Adam trying to have a snow fight with me. They had snow, I was only armed with a Camera (NO FAIR!!) But, look at the smiles on their faces.

We had to run to Cody to go to the Pharmacy for my Grandma, this is the snow storm we hit on the way back. This is also the first time Adam drove in the snow. I was so impressed, he did such a good job. There were times when we couldn't even see 10 feet in front of us......Scary!!!

This is my Dad and Cole. Sadie loved to have Grandpa take her down to the riverbank to play.

This, of course, is my handsome (and tough-looking) husband, in front of my Grandma's house.

Another picture of Billings. This is actually from the day we got there. (the first picture was from the day we were leaving)

Cole and Sadie at the Airport.

We moved to AZ when I was 8. But, I still lay claim to being a Wyoming Native! Because my Grandma still lives there, it still feels like home to me. Don't get me wrong, I like AZ. I am grateful that we moved here. But, whenever we pull into town in Wyoming, I just feel good. It is absolutely beautiful. And I have so many, many great memories there!
I was finally able to find a good enough deal on plane tickets that I got to take Adam with me this time! His first time, and I was so excited to show him all the different places from my youth, share all the memories and great things I remembered. But it IS a VERY little town, and that didn't take long :) Also, we were only there for a couple of days, so for ME it felt like we didn't have a lot of time.
One thing I thought was funny was as Adam and I would leave to go anywhere (the next town over, so I could show him my mom's "summer house" and to go to the grocery store in the other next town:), every time without fail, Adam would say "Are you sure you know where we are going?", I kept re-assuring him that of,course I did. Finally I just snapped "I KNOW WHERE I AM GOING, I GREW UP HERE!!!!" (it doesn't hurt that the towns are so little, there is NO way to get lost:)
Even after we moved here, I still went back to Wyoming every summer. I would get to hang out with my family & cousins. But some of the funnest memories are working with my Grandma at her store and running back and forth between my grandparents houses (they lived across the street from each other).
So, now there is a bit of a pang when I look across the street, at the house that I spent so much time in and see another family living there (I know, it's kind of silly).
Anyway, it was a great trip, as you can see , it SNOWED!!!!!!I had fun, it was good to go back, if only for a few days. But the best part about it was that we got to bring my Grandma back for CHRISTMAS!!! It was so great to have her here for the holidays.
I can't believe how fast Christmas has sped by. I can't believe it is 2009! Did you really read that. 2009!!!!!! Well, since I took a break from posting for the holidays, I will be posting my Christmas late (as in..... mid-January:)
We are in the process of moving into my sisters rental house (which just so happened to be just down the street from their house) and hopefully we will be all moved in and unpacked by the end of the month (Fingers Crossed). At which point, I am considering having a little party.......i don't know. Would you come?? I know it is quite a trek to get to me...............
Come back soon for some Christmas in January, Moving & new house pics,........and lots more fun!!!
I hope everyone of you had great holidays!
It took me awhile to get in the holiday spirit (the day chase arrived to be exact:), so I am a little reluctant to let them go!