Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adam wants me to make an announcement!

Adam has an announcement he has been wanting me to make since Sunday (i did not really want to, have not been in the blogging mood, but here goes). He is so excited he can't even contain himself. He is bursting to tell people, even strangers on the street. 

Can You guess what could possibly get him so excited???????

A new "addition to the family"......................

A Wii !!!!!!!!!!

Exciting, right!?! 
Below is a pic of the proud papa and his new little one. He also set up the following 2 pics (as a "photo shoot" for the little guy)

I have heard little of anything else since this system was released. From both my boys...(the big one & the little one) it was Wii this and Wii that. I let birthdays & Christmas pass by and I found other (better, in my mind) things to entertain them. Then, finally this weekend I have been run down. I buckled like a bridge with crumbling supports. I folded like a bad poker hand....however you want to say it, pretty much, i gave in. We got it this weekend and have already spent hours of "family time" playing Wii together. The boys seem very happy with it. Yeah Wii!! (I think the above pic sums up my enthusiasm well...during the picture adam said "look mad, like you don't want it"......oh, ok thats going to be a strech.   :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

We all scream for ICE CREAM CAKE !!!

So, I promised Ice Cream Cake and here it is.
I made this cake twice in July(for my sister's b-day & for Adam's sisters b-day) I tried 2 different ways and am going to explain both.

So, my sisters b-day was the beginning of this month, and her hubby was going to be away at drill, so I wanted to do something special. So, we(Adam & I) made dinner for all of us and then I wanted the cake to be extra yummy! Y'know, a cake that was a little different than anything I had made before. So I thought Ice cream cake. I had read some recipes in different magazines in the past and thought "well that can't be so hard, I probably can just wing it"....well.......
Ingredients: Cake Mix (or homemade cake, if you prefer)
1 Gallon Ice Cream (I used Breyers Triple Chocolate...white, dark & milk chocolate all in one, kinda like Neapolitan, but better!:)
Frosting of your choice.
***that's it, 3 ingredients...too easy!

So the first time I made the cake, (Duncan Hines Devils food...mmmmm)Yes, I used a cake mix. (any of you who think this is cheating is apparently unaware of the whole reason we have these mixes. 1.It saves TIME and 2. I already know it tastes good) Anyway I baked the cake in 2 8" rounds (for top & bottom) and then set the ice cream out for about 10 min (to soften) and spread on the bottom and threw that into the freezer for only about 15 min (because of time constraints) Then right before we headed over to Summer's house I threw the top cake layer on. When we got there I frosted it with Fresh & Easy Dark Chocolate Frosting(which I was not a huge fan of, i thought it had a Raspberry taste, random I know). It is the cake in the last pic (i know not the best pic). It ended up being really yummy, but probably could have been more frozen. So that led to my second try.
I wanted to figure out a way to have the ice cream part more frozen. So thanks to my genius husband, I froze a "disc" of the ice cream about an inch think in the 8" round cake pan (see 2nd pic above) then place that between the layers of cake. That actually was less messy worked very well. I would advise keeping it in the freezer as long as absolutely possible...i mean like minutes before you cut it, then take it out of the freezer.
As you see from the pic above when we went to add the frosting it stayed out a little long and started melting into the frosting. The frosting on the second cake (the blue one) was made by my S-i-l Jesse. It is whipped cream cheese frosting and is fantabulous!
I will post that recipe soon.
Sadly, I didn't get a great pic of the finished cake, but no matter how it looked, it tasted awesome, if I do say so myself.
Now my mouth is watering and I'm stuck at work with no cake to eat.

Summer Fun

This is just some of our summertime fun! 

Funny Story, completely unrelated to these pics or summertime fun. It's a bit of a confession, so I am trusting you with my secret.

**Last Night, Adam & I were watching previews for movies. He pulled up the preview for the next twilight movie, since I just read her new book........(hey, i know they are for young adults....i don't wanna hear it).....During the preview we had the following conversation:
Adam: Did he just rip that guys head off...?
Me: (very matter of fact-like) Well, that's how you kill vampires.........(silence).........except the only things that can kill them are other Vampires and Werewolves because their skin is like stone. So, to kill them they have to be ripped apart and burned.........
Adam: (Stunned Silence)...............(incredulously) Did you seriously................N-E-R-D........ I AM going to buy you a twilight t-shirt:) !
Me: Nooooooooooo!
we both busted out laughing.

I guess I am a twilight nerd. It's a little embarrassing. But at least it's not like it's my favorite book..I just like it a little..Oh , alright. You know what,  I don't have to justify myself here. !  :)