Thursday, July 24, 2008

Think YOU'RE having a bad day?

       Warning: The following photo contains graphics of a violent nature.           Please do not continue on if you have an affinity for birds or ever had a pet bird that you loved so much.  If any of your kids happen to be seeing this over       your shoulder, let them know that this is a professionally trained bird actor recreating dramatic events and that No actual birds were harmed in this, it might work, if they are young enough.

  Funny Story: Months ago, Adam  I were @ Big-o Tires, waiting forever for our car. And at one point the employees were gathered around the computer and talking excitedly. As we were the only customers there Adam started a conversation with them to see what the hubbub was about. Apparently, one of them had been driving down from up north and when he got out and walked around his car there was a huge white bird in his grill. So, he had come in to show all his friends at work. We saw the picture of it (it was quite sad really) and it almost looked as if it were a goose or something, the guy was bummed because it had caused quite a bit of damage to the front of his car. Adam piped in and said that he should turn the picture into a poster with the caption "think you're having a bad day?"..we all got a good laugh (at the expense of the poor bird) 
Then just a week ago we were going to the grocery store and Adam pointed out this poor little guy. I had to get a picture so that I could remind myself that no matter how bad a day I'm's not this bad.

**Spoiler Alert---I've got a couple of good posts coming up, maybe even a little ice cream cake:) Stay tuned. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, to my Sisters, Summer & Heather

Happy Birthday!!!

How lucky am I that I was given two of the best sisters ever? My big sisters have always looked out for me from the time I was born. They have been such a great example to me and I love them very much. It's also so great for me to have best friends just built in like that:)

If it were possible to have twins be three years apart, that would be me & my sister Summer. Not necessarily because we are so alike but because we know each other so well. We shared a room from the time we were little until I was about 16 or so. I can remember being little and after my mom & dad would put us to bed Summer & I would just talk & talk, about everything from what we were going to wear the next day to the boys we wanted to marry to what ever questions would pop into our little minds. I've always been fiercely loyal and defensive of my sister Summer. She can sometimes have a tender heart and (even though I sometimes caused her to be sad) if anyone(else) hurt her feelings or anything, they had better WATCH OUT!(i'm still kinda that way:)
When we were little I remember tagging along with Summer & her friends, I know that can't have always been easy(for her) but she has always been so good to me. Summer and I have always been close, I'm not saying there was never fighting(because there was)but Summer and I somehow have a connection, and no matter what, we are always there for each other. I am so lucky because that same sweet friendship has continued over the years. Summer & I live down the street from each other and I get to see and hang out with her and her wonderful little family all the time (and I treasure that). 

The first year after we moved here, I shared a room with Heather, I was in second grade and she was a senior.( she handled it well, I'm sure it wasn't easy to have a nosy little 7 year old always around) I can remember her taking me to a MT. View Football game with her & her friends and she was always very patient with me, she never seemed to mind when i would come in and annoy her & her friends when they were over(...poor must have happened a lot,  because I remember always trying to get attention from her & her friends). After she left for college she married an awesome guy and moved away(he is a surgeon, so he got to go to school in many cool places).They have always been willing and happy to have us stay with them. I have so many wonderful memories of visiting Heather & her family wherever they were living at the time. I got to go to Seattle! I got to go spend a summer in Hershey with them! I spent a much needed Vacation in Florida with them while they lived there, and then happily they settled down here in Arizona. It was wonderful and fun to visit them in the many places they lived, but I am so happy they moved here so that we have been able to spend more time together. It's been so fun to watch her family grow and watch her be such a wonderful mother.
A couple of years ago, I was going through a hard time, I was really unsure of choices I had made in life and where I was headed. Both Summer & Heather were the best friends & sisters I could have asked for. Heather would ask me down to Tucson to help babysit her girls and give me some much needed time & money for it(and she slyly snuck in great conversations full of good advice:) And Summer made sure I  wasn't lonely, she was always willing to let me hang out with her & Mitch(and Sadie). Summer & Heather both made sure I knew who I was, they were there to remind me of my potential and that it's never too late to make the right choices.  Thanks to you both. I love you both so much, and am truly grateful that you are my sisters. 
So I hope you both have wonderful birthdays!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, my Love

My life absolutely changed from the moment I met AdamFor me, the moment he walked in, I was drawn to him.  He has an awesome smile and these boyishly mischievous eyes.  I knew that I needed to be around him as much as I could(and that never seemed like enough).   I could see right away that he had a great sense of humor (to go along with his rugged handsomeness) and that we actually had a lot in common.  We were inseparable from that point on and within days of going on that first date Adam & I both knew we were meant to be together (no eye rolling.......i know, i used to do it, but these stories are real. It really can happen like it does in the movies:). I can remember the morning after our first date, I sat and talked with my dad about how this guy(Adam:) was special and I knew something was different about him. I remember over the next few weeks I called my mom to gush about him(she was out of town for a month, at the time)she could tell how serious I was about Adam and said  a couple of times  "wait, I need to meet him" or "don't go getting married until I get home" :)
Adam has a son from a previous relationship, he has custody and has raised Chase(with some help from his family). It takes a lot to raise a kid and to do it alone.....I was really impressed and respected him for doing it. 
 Chase is a wonderful boy with such a sweet heart. I see so many similarities between father & son. I fell in love with them both and am thankful to Adam for the chance to be step-Mom to Chase. It is not always easy, but I would never trade it for the world :)
I am not going to go on and on (for worry that I 'll get too boring, mushy, cheesy, or too personal) but I love this man and am so happy he came into my life. (a special thanks to Bryce & Diana for the introduction...thank you, thank you, thank you:) 

Adam, Thank you for being such a wonderful husband.....for helping with the dishes and cleaning the house(without me having to ask). For being so supportive of the creative things I like to do. For complimenting me and making me feel beautiful. For giving hugs & kisses( without me having to ask). For making me laugh. For watching the "stupid" shows with me(the silly ones I like). For being my other half:) Now that we are together things make so much more sense:)  And thank you for so many more things......that i am not going to list because I am getting too mushy & least for this blog.!

Happy Birthday Adam!! I love you so much. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WALL-E...Environmental propaganda or LOVE STORY??

I went to see WALL-E this weekend in Tucson.

It was a group of us: Me, Adam, my Sister, my brother, dad and some of my nieces & nephews. I have been waiting FOREVER for this movie to come out. For some reason from the very first preview I saw, I knew I would like this movie.

So, Imagine my surprise when after the movie I assumed everybody would be giving rave reviews just like me…..but no, people apparently have other opinions(the nerve….).

So, for those of you who live in a hole and have no idea who or what WALL-E is, it is the new Pixar animated film. In a nutshell the storyline goes something like this: Humans, in their laziness, completely destroy earth. They however are surprisingly smart enough to come up with a ‘Temporary Escape’ plan to live in space until the earth is healthy enough to re-colonize. Flash forward 700 years and little Wall-E (a portable trash compactor and cleaner-upper) is alone on earth, with his cockroach friend, and the humans are still on a ginormous spaceship wandering around the solar system getting stupider & fatter year by year. Every so often they send down a robot to collect specimens to test and see if the earth is livable again. Which is where EvE comes in and the Love story starts!!!!
Ok, ok so I am not going to write down exactly what happens (I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not seen it, and for those who have, well, they have already seen it!)

So, were they shoving Liberal and Environmental Propaganda down my throat?….well, honestly a little. But were they completely wrong?……my answer is No!
I agree that we have made huge and necessary progressions in the last 100 years, but our resources are being used up so quickly, at what point will the earth really just have nothing left to give……OK that might be the hippie in me talking. J

My brothers main argument about why he did not really like the movie was a good one. He wondered, How could they build this massive spaceship that could carry and maintain a population for 700 years but they couldn’t figure out a way to build a ship to take all the waste and trash into the sun? (or something like that)…good point Todd.

Adam & my dad didn’t really like how the humans were portrayed. Which, I guess, I can see what they are saying, but again here I have to ask were they(Pixar writers) wrong? Hasn’t our society gotten fatter & lazier. It HAS!!!! (talk to your parents and grandparents about their childhoods and it will be obvious that with each generation we get a little lazier). In the movie all the humans are floating around on hover chairs b/c they are too fat to even walk. They have a virtual screen in front of their face, speakers at their ears and they are always on the run (they have fast, fast food). Is that not a well thought out analogy for how it is in our society today? I think it is.

Holly, you are asking “why get caught up in this, it’s just a silly story”. Well, I know that it is a Cartoon (yes, I know) I know that the main characters in it are Robots, but I have to argue that it is one of the cutest animated Love Stories Ever!!!!! I dare someone to disagree .

The way Wall-E kind of craves contact…..The way he watches out for Eve and then…when Eve realizes that Wall-E watched out for her(and falls for him), when she was shut-down (he protected her from the rain & elements) I thought it was so cute to watch as he ( a some what run down robot) tried to connect with Eve (who was wayyy advanced and all about her ‘mission’).

Anyway I would say this is a must see for anyone with kids or if you are just in the mood for a nice ‘little story’.

If, however, you are completely sick and disgusted by Hollywood producers, writers, ect shoving liberal, economical and other propaganda down your throats, you might want to pass on Wall-E, until you are in a better mood :)
Coming Soon---we went to Tucson this last weekend, read all about it! :)