Wednesday, May 28, 2008

American Idol Winner...David...........

Big Joke :)...sorry, that was just a tease. I don't watch American Idol at all! and have no clue who won. It just seems to be all people talk about..........(no offense to those who do watch, it is a personal choice:)

I had a wonderful birthday (thanks to my hubby, family & friends). Adam worked hard to make sure it was special for me(by making it last for a whole week....i am one lucky girl!) Here I am with my Love at Benihanna's (so fun, we went with Summer & Mitch). Also , on Friday, my sis Summer & the kids took me to lunch at Firehouse Subs. It was a great 22nd birthday!!ha, ha. O.k, maybe not 22, but it was still awesome.

Pics from the Pool B-day party my Sister-in-laws planned (thanks Jesse & Emily...and Summer for letting us use your house)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

They say it's your birthday.....well it's My Birthday too! yeah

The Birthday festivities started last Saturday, my (S-I-L's) got the family together for a pool party. (pics will come soon).
So how will we celebrate here on the blog?
You get to read lots of tid-bits about ......ME......exciting right?!

5 Jobs I have had
1. "Counter Help" @ Cozzen's Cash Store in Byron very first job!
2. Ice Cream girl & Sandwich maker @ Pandas (remember good old Panda's...i miss it)
3. Front office @ Chiropractor
4. Front office @ Wellness Center
5. Front Office @ Sleep there a pattern here?

5 T.V shows I watch(ed):
1. The Office
2. 30 Rock
3. Anything on the food network
4. Grey's Anatomy (used to....)
5. Veronica Mars (until it was , sadly, cancelled......i loved it)

5 Places I have been
1. Hershey, Penn & Washington D.C.
2. Orlando
3. Seattle
4. Durango, Co
5. Wyoming, Montana, Idaho,Utah, Nevada, California.......lots of art shows, I got to go lots of places

5 Places I want to visit
1. Ireland
2. The rest of Europe, but Ireland is first.....i need to see London, Paris, Florence, Rome, etc.
3. Hawaii
4. New Zealand
5. China
OK, I pretty much want to travel all over the world.

5 things I want(ed) to be when I gro(e)w up
1. Dolphin Trainer...don't laugh, someone has to train them to do all those tricks:)
2.Doctor....i wanted to be a General Practitioner...kinda random, I know,
3. my Mom...i know it's not really a job, but I really wanted to be all our make believe games Summer was always Samantha or Nancy, but I was always Pamela.......
4. Musician
5. Artist

5 Favorite foods
1. Mashed Potatoes
2. (home made) Chicken Noodle soup
3. Any thing CHOCOLATE
4. Bulgogi (Korean Beef) and rice. (they have a spicy Korean beef dish at 'Taste of China" that is the closest take out I've found)
5. Sandwiches

5 things I do in my spare time
1. Read....i love to read
2. Paint and other fun creative things :)
3. Cook...or, should I say Bake
4. Shop...if were are being honest about things. I used to HATE shopping, now not so much. There is some kind of endorphin or chemical or something released that makes shopping so relaxing....(is that the right word?)
5. Hang out with my loved ones.

5 Most memorable birthdays (my family was always great at making my birthdays memorable)
1. 6th Birthday---I got a goat from my cousin (i named her MaryLou.....I'll post more about her some other time), it's also the first one that I have actual video footage of and can remember really well.
2. 16th Birthday--My first real Surprise party !!!
3. 18th Birthday
4. 22nd b-day
5. 26th b-day---the first birthday my hubby was around for !

So there is some info, don't you all fell like you know me a little bit better? :)

Tomorrow(or so), I"ll post all the pics from the pool party, and let you know how the Birthday far, so good. :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Travis

Happy Birthday to my brother Travis!!!

I am still working on my scanning issue(hence no pics).

My brother Travis has spent the last twenty years of his life serving the great U. S.of A. He joined the army at 18 and was in the first Gulf War (Desert Storm), after that he served his remaining years and then joined us in the civilian sector for a couple of years. After 9/11, my brother joined back up and served in Korea and has gone and served two more tours in the middle east.

He has been a great example to me of Patriotism! I think that having him over there has made the whole situation a lot more real to me. It has been eye opening to get a view of what is going on from someone who has been there and seen it, rather than just trusting what I see & hear on TV. I have always worried about him while he was there and know that his was not an easy job. But someone has to do that job and I am very proud that my brother Travis has. Thanks, Trav, for being willing to sacrifice and fight for and protect all of us that live in America.

One memory I have of Travis from when I was little is when I was about 5 yrs old, we lived in Wyo.(the house on the little hill) and I was outside playing in the Snow (yes, is rain that freezes as it is falling to form snowflakes, that then falls and gathers into beautiful white blankets:) for those poor souls who don't know) with my brother Todd & sister Summer. Someone who shall remain name less "accidentally" hit me in the face with a snowball. I ran inside crying about the snow in my eyes. (give me a break, I was 5) and my brother Travis was cleaning his glasses. Travis picked me up and set me on the counter as he dried my face and eyes with his towel.(and I'm pretty sure he got after my brother & sister for making me cry:) Now this may not seem all that important but it stands out in my mind, as a time when my big brother selflessly took the time to make his little sister feel better.

Happy Birthday Trav! Hope it was a good one.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

These are not the pics that I had planned on using, however, my scanner is not working,)

1st pic-my mom & me on my wedding day

2nd pic-my mom, summer,cole & I, in front of my grandma's store

3rd pic-Mom, Dad, me & Sadie at my wedding.

4th pic--Mom & cute are they!!!!!No, Seriously, how cute...right!

Happy Mother's Day!!

My mom is actually out of town today. She is up visiting my Grandma, and I am a little jealous that I am not there too. Both my Grandma Dorothy and my Mom are such AMAZING women and mothers, and I thank my LUCKY stars that I am theirs.(and they are mine......i get a little possessive of them :)

In the last 2 years, my life has changed quite a bit. I got married, became a mom AND my mom & dad moved away. ( i know it is only Tucson, but sometimes 2 hours feels like a million) Because of all of these things I have spent the last 2 years having epiphany after epiphany about my own parents and how absolutely wonderful they are! I also realized how much I have taken them for granted.(sadly we usually realize this in hindsight)

To my Mom:

Thank you for all the times you picked up after me (I now realize how very messy I was...sorry)

Thanks for all the times you comforted me during the lightening storms when I was little and even when I was not so little.

Thanks for making me that hula skirt in the 3rd grade (i didn't even notice that it was out of a garbage bag, and now I look back, you were quite ingenious, mine was the only skirt that didn't rip:)

Thanks for always giving hugs and letting me KNOW i was loved. Thanks for starting & carrying on the 'love, love' tradition.

Thanks for being so patient with me........( i know that had to be a hard one:)

Thanks for always being there when I wanted to talk. ( i really miss our mornings, when I could come and chat with you and dad before heading off to work.)

Thanks for teaching me what is right (and reminding me of it, when necessary:)

Thanks for being such a great example to All things that you do.

Thanks for being you! (if I can be even half the mom that you were to me, I know my kids will be good:) I'll keep shooting for the stars, thank goodness I have you as my example)

and thank you for so much more! (so very much more)

I love you , mom!

Also, I just wanted to say Happy Mother's day to my sisters, Heather, Summer (and my S-i-L) Sheila! It has been such fun and a great learning experience for me to watch them each start and raise their families. They are such wonderful, beautiful, strong women who are wonderful mothers!

At The Zoo!

"Some one told me it's all happenin' at the zoo! I do believe it's true!"  Simon & Garfunkel
On Friday, I went on a field trip with Chases' class to the  Phoenix Zoo. It was a fun trip. We rode there on the bus (it has been like 15+ years since I have been on one...the A/C was broken. I guess they haven't changed that much at all.) It was the second and third graders and they pretty much let us split into our groups and go off on our own. So, we combined with another little group that had some of chases friends in it.We were at the zoo from 9:30 until about 1:30 and i have to say it was fun but very HOT!!
It was kind of crazy because it made me think back to all the field trips that I went on in school and that my mom came with me on. So many good memories! It was a little surreal to realize that I am now the one volunteering and helping to make fun memories.
 Chase was so excited after the zoo, he couldn't wait to give me my mother's day present. The whole ride home, he was trying to get me to guess what it was. The moment we walked in the door he ran to his backpack and grabbed out a white bag, with a box in it. He had decorated both the bag and the box with " I Love You Holly" and inside was a little mug that he had colored for me. I loved it! 
I have still kept the drawing that he made me the first day I met him. He was(is) such a little sweetheart. For the first 2 weeks after I met him, every time I saw him, he was sure to send me home with a drawing or art project that he had made. ( we put a stop to it when he started offering me his grandma's things.:) I love Chase so much and was happy for the opportunity to go and have some fun "mother-son" time!
****we are experiencing Technical Difficulties....please stay tuned for more about my mom....i had a mothers day post all set to go, and now am having trouble with my scanner.