Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Very First Post.....Hoppykins/Huish

      I never considered keeping up a blog, until I got addicted to reading my friends blog...(yes D, I am talking about you)..and I have a confession, i will admit it, i have become a blog hopper...just recently I have found a bunch of foodie/cooking blogs (i never knew these wonderful things existed) and realized that I have a choice......(or a problem, depending on how you look at it..i think my hubby is leaning toward the latter)....... I can sit here and be a closet "blog hopper" or I can can join the wide world of blogs. So here I am, joining in all the fun!

First off **This is a warning for all readers*****I loved English, but I am not any good at punctuation, spelling, etc. so I will say once (and only once) I apologize to any English majors who may visit my blog:) or people who may happen to be really picky...i am sorry in advance for the many errors I will make:)  

This is my first ever attempt at a blog or anything remotely close (most of my computer experience is with Medical Software, so all the fun extras are new to me (by the way can someone tell my how to add music to my page??) I know, in my first post........ I'm already showing my weakness. Some of the very basics are foriegn to me. ok. enough of that. on to my life :)

About a year and half ago, I got married to my handsome, funny, loving, amazingly sweet and wonderful Adam! (i know..... a little cheezy, but give me a break, he's my hubby and I love him to death! :)and in doing so, gained a step-son,Chase. Who, is soo much like his dad, it makes me smile!(most of the time!). One of the(many) neat things about him is how creative and artistic he is. We both like to do anything with drawing or painting(often times, his look better than anything I come up with). He has just turned eight, he had a Transformers Birthday Party! It was great! It was mostly family, but it was the first time we had everyone over to our new house (well not "Our", we are renting, but it is sooo much better than an apartment..or I should say than OUR apartment was). Adam drives trucks and delivers water for a water company. I just recently switched jobs, thanks to my sister-in-law(thanks J!) and am now working in a dental office. I have to say, it has been a great switch. I have always been a bit of a work-a-holic, which I was able to get away with before I was married, but now....I see the light. This job has a perfect schedule. and I can absolutely tell a difference in my stress level (as can my husband!! he told me so the other day..does that mean I was being grumpy?..i'm not sure). We also moved out to Gilbert, right down the street from my Sis and her family and also right down the street from Adams sister and her husband. Did you notice that I said "OUT" to Gilbert. It's because, you don't know it until you are out here, but it takes forever to get to mesa (at least the parts, i'm interested in) or to the PHX Airport....geez, we have to leave like an hour early. But enough complaining, I actually like it. I am just sad I don't get to see my Mesa friends often enough. It's a nice house, with enough space for all three of us. Also, Adam got the den to turn into a Media Room and I got the 3rd bedroom to turn into a studio, which I am still trying to declutter (lots of stuff I had in storage, I need to go through). 
So before I go, I wanted to explain the name of my blogspot. "HoppykinsHuish"
When Adam and I met, Chase was six and either he could not pronounce my last name, or everytime someone said my name it sounded like gibberish to him or..?. Well, one day, we were all in the car, somehow talking about my maiden name and chase pipes up and says he wants to be "Chase Hoppykins". I jumped in to explain that "no, now we are a family we are  all Huish's.......... ,but I thought it was pretty dang cute:) To this day, Chase still thinks my maiden name is 'hoppykins'.  


Todd Hopkinson said...

Hey Holly Hoppykins! It is your brother, Todkin Hopkin ... son...

This will be cool to track you through your blog. We'll be like those lamers who sit next to each other and can't find anyway to communicate but by text messaging one another (since we live in the same town and all).

Hey, I noticed your list below of things you love. I can't help but notice you forgot to put how much you love the movie Napoleon Dynamite...oh, that is right, you don't...well, you must not get it or something :) Yes, you are right about arrested development though.

Peace out

diana rose said...

yay, yay, and yay! i'm so glad you've jumped on the blog-wagon. i think you'd be interested in knowing that tracy nuttall and a few of the other nuttall's all have blogs. i've been meaning to tell you that for a while.

i could explain how to put music on your blog, but this comment would get really long (as though it's not long enough already...) maybe i should come over, or give you a tutorial over the phone. or maybe i'll send you an email. somehow, i'll help you. anyways, welcome, i'm so excited you decided to start a blog... now if we could just get lindsay and rhonda to join in...

LindsayJ said...

love, love, love you Holly! Happy that you have a blog, I will stalk you daily! You and Diana will be happy to know I intend to start a blog very soon. It has been pretty busy around here but hopefully this week or next.

Hobbie said...

Thanks to my wonderful big brother Todd, for my very first comment!
I figured this would be a great way for us to keep in touch without actually making the effort to call :) j/k
Diana--I need your tutoring skills A.S.A.P:) what are you doing friday?
Lindsay--start your blog!Diana can tutor us both. I've been looking at Nikki'sblog for a week or two to catch up with you guys...we NEED to hang out.Love, love, love you.

Pam said...

Holly, Mom here, just wanted you to know I checked in and I like what I see. You are my sunshine, keep it up.
Love and hugs.

Tracie said...

HOLLY!! I am so happy you are blogging! I have not talked to you forever and it is good to see what you are up to! We need to get together! I love love love you and think about you all the time! I hope you are doing good!

The Lofgran Clan said...

Holls, thanks for being a bloggin example to me. Love the argyle background reminds me of some socks I borrowed ten years ago....and probably still have.
Keep the baking up, we can always be taste testers for you, just a hop skip and a jump away.....I will be waiting.