Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's not just a cold or just the's the fluold (or colu)

I know we have all had or known someone who has had this cold/flu that has been going around. Well, for some reason I was lucky enough to get it twice!  That's right. Twice. This time I have been down for a couple of days (all through my day off on Weds and through the weekend) I was pretty ticked! So, for all of you out there, make sure you are taking your vitamins! :)
So, that is my excuse for not posting in the last week.
Today, to make myself feel better I made some of my Grandma Dorothy's Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Mashed Potatoes(she has the absolute best recipes). I was going to copy the 'foodie' blogs and post pics, but I was just too lazy (and hungry).  It really is comfort food, I swear, I immediately felt better.   

Chaser left yesterday to go visit his mom and little sis in Cali for his spring break, we are missing him. (Here is a pic of him at our wedding Nov. 2006). 

So, now we are just getting ready for Easter this weekend! Does anyone else feel like it is coming way early this year? I always remember it being the first Sunday of April.....or at least that is how it seemed. 
Well, Adam is watching a Tom Petty concert on TV in HD. He says I NEED to see it('you can even see the dings in his guitar' he says). We saw Tom Petty live back when we were dating, but I was definately not close enough to see the dings in his guitar:) (it was an awesome show, I'm planning on going again when he comes in august). 
So, I'm going to go check out this 'HD' show and see if it compares at all to the real thing. :)
Happy Sunday to all! 


diana rose said...

i hope you're feeling better, we'll have to do dinner another night.

post the comfort food recipes so i can try them!