Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Adam and Cole(3 months). Look at that smoldering look they are both giving. Two cuties, i can't take my eyes off of. :)
Left: Chase got to be a Jedi and even got to fight Darth Maul. Chase won, of course! Below Left: Summer and Cole (he was such a trooper, but at some point he just needed to rest:) Below Right:Waiting for the parade. Alli, Sadie and Devon (look closely, is Sadie giving the "hang loose" sign?and Alli is giving a Peace sign :) (totally not planned)

Below: Dad, Heather, Me, Zinnia, Lavender and Sadie.

Right: Adam & I, in front of California Adventure.

                                  (Left to Right: Zinnia, Sadie, Chase Lavender and Glen(dad))
O.k. this trip was actually back in September 2007, but it was so fun and there were so many good pics I couldn't help but share. This was a Huish/Smith family tradition. They have been doing it every year for awhile now and have it down. They know the perfect place to stay, it was awesome!We got there on a Wednesday and came back on Sunday. 
My sister, Summer and her kids also came along (Mitch was off in boot camp). And my Mom, Dad,(my sister) Heather and her two youngest girls got to come for one day. It was a blast!
  O.k, not to go off on a tangent, but remember when we were little and got to just run up to the characters as they were just walking around the park. Well, those days are gone. Now the characters have "handlers" and they are only in certain places for so long and there are lines for almost all of them. Oh, the good old days. But anyway, i would do anything for these kids including waiting in line so they could see these Princess'. It was worth it.
This trip was sooo fun, after we got back , we couldn't stop talking about when we were going to go again. (In fact when chase saw these pictures he went to his dad and said "I wish we had a day off so we could go to Disneyland"...ha, ha..so do I chase......... so do I:)
 There is definitely a reason it is called the "happiest place on earth". 
It really is like being a kid all over again. 



Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

Hey holls! so good to hear from you! i'm glad you "check in" every now and again!! it's fun to see your blog! looks like you had a blast in D- land!!

diana rose said...

i love chase's quote "i wish we had a day off so we could go to disneyland" hilarious.

cute pictures! we can't wait to take ava there, she will just love it!

LindsayJ said...

I didn't realize about the "handler" thing, but you are so right! I really want to be at Disneyland right now! Did you get my emails about this weekend? Love ya, Linds