Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

We had an awesome easter weekend in Tucson. We went down on Saturday and went to the Tucson Zoo (don't worry, there will be pics of it in the next post). On Sunday, the kids were up early for their Easter Egg hunt and breakfast at Heather's House. After that, Adam and I headed back to Mesa where we had a late Brunch at the Huish's. 

Top:Hunter, Ammon & Walker. (Next): Zinnia
 (Just above:) The Easter Egg Hunt is on!!
Right: This is Adam and our nephew Kyler playing @ grandma Huish's house.
(Below: left:)Summer & Cole     Right: Zinnia & Sadie giving loves.
It was a ton of fun and nice to be around everyone. Thanks to Mom and Dad and Heather, Brian and the girls for having us all down there. 
Also, even though we missed the combined b-day party, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to: Spencer, Hunter, Lavender, Sadie and Chase. I love you guys!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's not just a cold or just the's the fluold (or colu)

I know we have all had or known someone who has had this cold/flu that has been going around. Well, for some reason I was lucky enough to get it twice!  That's right. Twice. This time I have been down for a couple of days (all through my day off on Weds and through the weekend) I was pretty ticked! So, for all of you out there, make sure you are taking your vitamins! :)
So, that is my excuse for not posting in the last week.
Today, to make myself feel better I made some of my Grandma Dorothy's Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Mashed Potatoes(she has the absolute best recipes). I was going to copy the 'foodie' blogs and post pics, but I was just too lazy (and hungry).  It really is comfort food, I swear, I immediately felt better.   

Chaser left yesterday to go visit his mom and little sis in Cali for his spring break, we are missing him. (Here is a pic of him at our wedding Nov. 2006). 

So, now we are just getting ready for Easter this weekend! Does anyone else feel like it is coming way early this year? I always remember it being the first Sunday of April.....or at least that is how it seemed. 
Well, Adam is watching a Tom Petty concert on TV in HD. He says I NEED to see it('you can even see the dings in his guitar' he says). We saw Tom Petty live back when we were dating, but I was definately not close enough to see the dings in his guitar:) (it was an awesome show, I'm planning on going again when he comes in august). 
So, I'm going to go check out this 'HD' show and see if it compares at all to the real thing. :)
Happy Sunday to all! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Adam and Cole(3 months). Look at that smoldering look they are both giving. Two cuties, i can't take my eyes off of. :)
Left: Chase got to be a Jedi and even got to fight Darth Maul. Chase won, of course! Below Left: Summer and Cole (he was such a trooper, but at some point he just needed to rest:) Below Right:Waiting for the parade. Alli, Sadie and Devon (look closely, is Sadie giving the "hang loose" sign?and Alli is giving a Peace sign :) (totally not planned)

Below: Dad, Heather, Me, Zinnia, Lavender and Sadie.

Right: Adam & I, in front of California Adventure.

                                  (Left to Right: Zinnia, Sadie, Chase Lavender and Glen(dad))
O.k. this trip was actually back in September 2007, but it was so fun and there were so many good pics I couldn't help but share. This was a Huish/Smith family tradition. They have been doing it every year for awhile now and have it down. They know the perfect place to stay, it was awesome!We got there on a Wednesday and came back on Sunday. 
My sister, Summer and her kids also came along (Mitch was off in boot camp). And my Mom, Dad,(my sister) Heather and her two youngest girls got to come for one day. It was a blast!
  O.k, not to go off on a tangent, but remember when we were little and got to just run up to the characters as they were just walking around the park. Well, those days are gone. Now the characters have "handlers" and they are only in certain places for so long and there are lines for almost all of them. Oh, the good old days. But anyway, i would do anything for these kids including waiting in line so they could see these Princess'. It was worth it.
This trip was sooo fun, after we got back , we couldn't stop talking about when we were going to go again. (In fact when chase saw these pictures he went to his dad and said "I wish we had a day off so we could go to Disneyland"...ha, do I chase......... so do I:)
 There is definitely a reason it is called the "happiest place on earth". 
It really is like being a kid all over again. 


Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Very First Post.....Hoppykins/Huish

      I never considered keeping up a blog, until I got addicted to reading my friends blog...(yes D, I am talking about you)..and I have a confession, i will admit it, i have become a blog hopper...just recently I have found a bunch of foodie/cooking blogs (i never knew these wonderful things existed) and realized that I have a choice......(or a problem, depending on how you look at it..i think my hubby is leaning toward the latter)....... I can sit here and be a closet "blog hopper" or I can can join the wide world of blogs. So here I am, joining in all the fun!

First off **This is a warning for all readers*****I loved English, but I am not any good at punctuation, spelling, etc. so I will say once (and only once) I apologize to any English majors who may visit my blog:) or people who may happen to be really picky...i am sorry in advance for the many errors I will make:)  

This is my first ever attempt at a blog or anything remotely close (most of my computer experience is with Medical Software, so all the fun extras are new to me (by the way can someone tell my how to add music to my page??) I know, in my first post........ I'm already showing my weakness. Some of the very basics are foriegn to me. ok. enough of that. on to my life :)

About a year and half ago, I got married to my handsome, funny, loving, amazingly sweet and wonderful Adam! (i know..... a little cheezy, but give me a break, he's my hubby and I love him to death! :)and in doing so, gained a step-son,Chase. Who, is soo much like his dad, it makes me smile!(most of the time!). One of the(many) neat things about him is how creative and artistic he is. We both like to do anything with drawing or painting(often times, his look better than anything I come up with). He has just turned eight, he had a Transformers Birthday Party! It was great! It was mostly family, but it was the first time we had everyone over to our new house (well not "Our", we are renting, but it is sooo much better than an apartment..or I should say than OUR apartment was). Adam drives trucks and delivers water for a water company. I just recently switched jobs, thanks to my sister-in-law(thanks J!) and am now working in a dental office. I have to say, it has been a great switch. I have always been a bit of a work-a-holic, which I was able to get away with before I was married, but now....I see the light. This job has a perfect schedule. and I can absolutely tell a difference in my stress level (as can my husband!! he told me so the other day..does that mean I was being grumpy?..i'm not sure). We also moved out to Gilbert, right down the street from my Sis and her family and also right down the street from Adams sister and her husband. Did you notice that I said "OUT" to Gilbert. It's because, you don't know it until you are out here, but it takes forever to get to mesa (at least the parts, i'm interested in) or to the PHX Airport....geez, we have to leave like an hour early. But enough complaining, I actually like it. I am just sad I don't get to see my Mesa friends often enough. It's a nice house, with enough space for all three of us. Also, Adam got the den to turn into a Media Room and I got the 3rd bedroom to turn into a studio, which I am still trying to declutter (lots of stuff I had in storage, I need to go through). 
So before I go, I wanted to explain the name of my blogspot. "HoppykinsHuish"
When Adam and I met, Chase was six and either he could not pronounce my last name, or everytime someone said my name it sounded like gibberish to him or..?. Well, one day, we were all in the car, somehow talking about my maiden name and chase pipes up and says he wants to be "Chase Hoppykins". I jumped in to explain that "no, now we are a family we are  all Huish's.......... ,but I thought it was pretty dang cute:) To this day, Chase still thinks my maiden name is 'hoppykins'.