Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bath & Body Works 'Forever Red"

I got the chance to try this new fragrance through Influenster. Check out Influenster.com for more info on that , it is a fun program!!you get to try products for free just for letting people know about them after you try them! how easy is that!?!
I have always loved Bath & Body Works Hand soaps and Anti-bacterial soaps, but have had a hard time finding the right fragrance to wear....until NOW!!

Forever Red is now my new 'go to' spray! It has taken the place of DKNY 'Be Delicious' and Victoria Secret 'Pink'. I had been using those 2 fragrances for 5 years and was soooo ready for something new. Then 'Forever Red' came along and I fell in love. It is such an enchanting smell. Even my picky husband loved the smell. It is not too fruity (to make me feel childish) and not too musky (to make me feel matronly) it is the perfect combination and makes me feel good whenever i put it on! I use it as an everyday fragrance, it is not so strong that it's not overwhelming. I love it and have already gotten a couple of compliments while wearing it. its definitely worth a drive to Bath & Body Works to try it out. This is going to be my new fragrance and it might even become my 'go to' gift for my sisters & friends (if I don't mind them smelling as good as me!)
'Forever Red' exclusively at Bath & Body Works (bathandbodyworks.com)

Influenster....you have got to try it...and we moved across the country

So, we have been out of the blogging loop but now that we are moved and settling in we are back and ready to BLOG!
But before we get into the move or the holidays, I have something awesome to tell you about. A few months back i was told about INFLUENSTER.com ! you sign up on their website, answer questions about yourself and products you use and you get the chance to use Products and let them and others know what you think about those products.
I was chosen to receive a COSMO VOXBOX, I was so excited. I checked the mail everyday once i got the email from Influenster that it was coming and finally it arrived and made my whole day, maybe even my whole month!!!

Inside my COSMO VOXBOX was:
a.- 2 Pilot FriXion pens (black & pink) they write just as good as Pilots original gel pen but has a rubber end that works like an eraser. Pilot pens have always been my favorite, but this new one takes the cake! I know have a new favorite and will be buying these for my 12 yr. old to use in school, they will be perfect for him.
b.- I got a Ghirardeli Chocolate bar. It was the Sea Salt Chocolate with roasted almonds. I am a chocolate lover and this was no disappointment in the chocolate department. Ghirardeli's chocolate is so smooth, my only critique would have been to add more almonds (because Chocolate & Almonds is one of my favorite combinations)
c. - Gillette Embrace razor and...........
d. -Gillette Venus & Olay razor cartridge. I had no idea that Gillette's razor handles and cartridges are INTERCHANGEABLE!! Did you know that!! that makes me so happy, I get to mix and match and have found my favorite combo (Embrace handle & either the Breeze or Venus & Olay cartridge)
e.-Last but not least my VERY FAVORITE item in the VOXBOX was:
Bath & Body Works new scent Forever Red!!!! It smells DIVINE!!! I have always been very picky about the scents I wear, and this one is honestly one of the best I have ever found. I will definitely continue to buy and wear this scent. I recommend taking a trip to Bath & Body works just to try it out, I bet you will love it just as much as I do.
So those are the neat things I got to try out, now why don't you go to Influenster.com, sign up and when you get chosen for a VoxBox, let me know about it, I want to know about the neat things you will get to try.

Coming in the next post: Moving cross country---it almost drove me CRAZY!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Robot Party-Part One---Decor

It was a double party for Harrison and his cousin Dawson (who was born 4 days after him). We had tons of fun!! I had been thinking about and planning this party for about 1 month with lots of help from my Sister-in-law Jessie and Emily (Dawson's mom) and my mom. (thanks guys:)

First off, you see the "Picture banners" that Jessie and Nikki helped create.

Then those beautiful cupcakes with Cupcake toppers by Yours truly:) (and then Jessie helped finish them up while I put Harrison to bed)

The signs for the food (made once, again by Jessie) read such things as 'Wiring','Computer Chips, 'Nuts & Bolts' 'robot Fuel'....in other words super cute!!

Next is the picture is that Handsome little Harrison wearing the Robot shirt that Grandma Pammy made for him ( and she made Dawson a matching one as well.....so cute)

And we also had a "Robo-tize" yourself set up for pictures....you see me and Harrison(the cutest little Robot ever!) My dad made this for us, I think I am going to keep it as a permanent fixture at my house, anyone want to make themselves into a robot come on over and take a picture!

I have pictures of the banners and the tables but need to load them on my computer, so you will see those as soon as I do.

This party was so much fun to put together and I had a lot (i mean a LOT) of help, especially considering that both the boys came down with strep one week before the party (which caught up to me, mid-week....luckily Adam was spared, I swear, that man has an immunity system of steel:)

Anyway, I will post more soon, this is just a preview...
I just can't believe my little boy is ONE!!!!??!!
It has been the greatest year of my life!!
He is such a good boy! I consider myself very lucky to have been sent this little boy and get to be his mommy.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a DIFFERENCE a year makes

(not the best quality of pictures, but good enough to see what a handsome boy I've got...toot my own horn much?? toot, toot:)
Last night as I was playing with Harrison to help him get the wiggles out before bed, I had an epiphany! Well, not really, but I was thinking of how different our lives were one year ago!

We were awaiting our little boy's arrival...and finally he came...and time started moving in super speed!! Them a certain someone upstairs (:) decided we needed a kick in the pants and a lot of changes started coming our way. We have changed jobs, towns (while still in the same area, it really feels like in another state:) changed wards, schools. Pretty much everything around us changed, but we are all healthy and happy to be here together and know that we have lessons to be learned and opportunities to be open to.

I was going to say so much more, talk about the lessons I have learned about Friendships and making new friends (not as easy as it seems in fact, you actually have to leave the house and put yourself out there:) and then I looked over at Harrison and realized I would much rather play with him, then write at the computer about things that are really not as important :)

Are you jealous that I am hugging and kissing that little bug, even as I type ? You should be, it is the cutest thing to hear his laugh and his "talking".

I'll come back soon (while he is napping) to talk the 1st Birthday party(Robot theme) I am planning for him and more:)